Registration procedure
Registration 2022-2023

Registration is now open.


The Doctoral School recruits doctoral students in all French or foreign Research Masters, particularly in the following disciplines Mathematics, PDE and Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computation in Mechanics-Physics, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science, Fundamental Computer Science, Information and Systems Science. To apply, you must hold a European Master's degree or equivalent, have a thesis director and a thesis topic, and be funded.

Please note: the first step to register for a thesis is to have a supervisor and a thesis subject as well as funding. To do this, we invite you to contact the laboratories via the following links

the Mathematics Institute of Marseille (I2M - UMR 7373):

the Computer Science and Systems Laboratory (LIS - UMR 7020):

It is then imperative to contact the management of the doctoral school before starting the pedagogical registration on the adum.


DEADLINE for re-registration and for new students whose contract started in the autumn: end of November.

Registration must be done between the beginning of July and the end of October (the earlier the better), and is done in three stages, in order:

a pedagogical registration with the doctoral school (from the beginning of July),
an administrative registration (from the beginning of September).
The list of documents to be provided is here au-dfd-100-liste_des_pieces_fourni_for_sregistration_in_doctorat.pdf

The complete procedure is described below.

Please note that a doctoral student must register every year without interruption in order to defend his/her thesis. If you have to defend your thesis before the end of December of the current year, a new registration is not necessary (note that this does not apply to co-tutored students).


All registrations and re-registrations are now subject to payment of the CVEC (Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus). This will be paid when you go to the school to finalise your registration or administrative re-enrolment.

Pedagogical registration

The pedagogical registrations are done in a dematerialized way via ADUM registering in the ADUM database. They are subject to the successive opinions of the thesis director, unit director and doctoral school director respectively.

For the 1st registration

Any doctoral student who does not have a European Master's degree must first apply to the ED for a Master's degree dispensation (demande_de_dispense_de_master.pdf).
All doctoral students must have an individual monitoring committee (this is imposed by the decree governing doctoral studies). Your thesis director must propose two names to constitute this committee (see suivi_de_these). This proposal must be sent to the doctoral school management for validation. Once this validation is obtained, you can start your registration on ADUM.
Once the ADUM procedure has been completed and a favourable opinion has been obtained from the thesis director and the unit director, you must make an appointment for an interview with a representative of the doctoral school at the secretariat The opinion of the doctoral school on your registration will only be given after this interview, and you will then be able to proceed with your administrative registration.
For any re-registration

you must have had an interview with your individual monitoring committee, and the report must have been sent to the ED.
You must update the list of courses followed on ADUM. The doctoral school will check at each re-registration that the number of hours of training followed is sufficient to reach the 100 hours required at the end of the 3rd year and will validate as you go along. It is therefore not necessary to contact the doctoral school for validation, if there is a problem you will be contacted.
From the 4th year onwards, you will be asked to provide a progress report on your research work and a funding certificate on ADUM.
From the 5th year onwards, registration becomes derogatory and is subject to the approval of the VPR. A letter from the doctoral student and a letter from the thesis director must be sent to the doctoral school management. These documents will be submitted to the doctoral school secretariat for examination by the VPR.
Administrative registration

Administrative registration takes place once your pedagogical registration has been validated. There are two possible scenarios:

You continue the registration procedure via the IA web: for the first registration, and for any re-registration.
Scolarité St Jérôme: you are contacted to finalize the registration
Scolarité Luminy: make an appointment on
Doctoral students who registered late in the first year, i.e. from January of the first year, can be exempted from the registration fees for the fourth year: imprime_demande_dispense_des_droits_de_scol_4e_me_anne_e.odt

* For any co-supervisor who does not have an HDR, here is the form to be completed and attached to the registration form demande_codirection.pdf

Welcome desk for students/doctors

The DRI of AMU has set up a Welcome Desk for the reception of international students and PhD students. All information concerning this Welcome Desk, which will be open from 31 August to 25 September, can be found at the following address:

The gap year

It is now possible to take a semester or a year off during the PhD, see the conditions and the procedure mode_demploi_cesure_doctorants.pdf.